Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

Create a team of 3-6 players, and test yourselves in this unique live immersive challenge. You and your team will be scrutinised, you will be working as pairs, as a team of three and then the whole team together so keep your wits about you! Although some activities are physical they will not be too strenuous. You and your team is required to have successfully complete at least five challenges out of the twelve. Completing a minimum of five challenges will grant you access in THE CRUNCH where team work will be of the essence - WARNING! it will be a crazy experience and it won't be easy! you will be required to escape out of the crunch or be crunched!!!

At the end of every month the highest scoring team will win the prize of an all inclusive holiday to Tenerife in a state of the art villa! click here for more details

You will be challenged to play as a pair and as a team. Your final score and your team photo will appear on our website

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Get together with up to 6 of your friends or colleagues with a variety of skills to form your team and dare to take on the challenge.

Be guided as you travel through the series of challenges and games along the way. The question is... ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE

Working as a team is the key to completing all challenges. Do you have what it takes to complete at least five out of twelve games to get access in the final challenge game-The Crunch.

REMEMBER! your team will go through the unique exciting experience where no two challenges are the same so make sure to have your wits about you!! the clock is ticking!! can you handle it....

Your score will be entered on our website with a team photo where you can check the leaderboard to see if you have won our all inclusive holiday for the whole team..


Is there an age limit?

aged 13+ but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an Adult.

How long does the experience last?

In total it lasts around an hour and 15 minutes, you need to arrive on site at least 20 minutes before your experience is scheduled for a team briefing where your master will give you the spiel… you elect a captain who will choose which member of your team will play what type of game..

What clothes and shoes should I wear?

You can wear anything you like. As long as its comfy!

Can I get a refund?

Our live immersive experience is a ticketed, live event. Once a booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations and reschedules are not possible.

What if I'm late?

Latecomers will not get a refund or reschedule: much like a theatre show, the show continues with or without you.

Drunk and disorderly policy?

You may be refused entry or ejected from the game if you appear to be under the influence of drink and drugs, or are behaving in a disruptive way.

Rules on recording

Due to the nature of the game no recordings can be taken inside the room. That includes (without limitation) the use of mobile phones, recording devices (video and/or audio) and cameras. The use of such a device in the room is not permitted at any time.